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Impact and Countermeasures to the Rejection of EU DSRC-centered V2X Bill

July 10th, 2019

Sungsoo Hong, Ettifos Co. Head of Marketing

This report analyzes the ripple effect of the recent rejection of the V2X bill in the EU and suggests countermeasures in regard to this outcome. Because of the shift in V2X standards per country, it has become paramount that all V2X-related industries form a swift response to this situation. As Korea has formulated its V2X system around DSRC technology, it has become more important than ever to curate interoperability and coexistence based around DSRC, C-V2X, and other forms of communications technology. If Korea is able to create solutions based around interoperability and coexistence, it will give the country a chance to be at the forefront of global V2X standardization.

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