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and Road Operators

There are many ongoing connected vehicle or ITS projects worldwide. Whether it’s the USDOT Connected Vehicle Pilot Program in the United States or the CCAM project in Europe, V2X technology connects all road users to traffic infrastructure in an efficient and reliable manner, constantly supporting the transmitting and receiving of important road data. As we move from LTE-V2X to NR-V2X, advantages such as ultra-low latency, high throughput and stable communications are expected, enabling advanced use cases for autonomous vehicles. This in turn reduces road accidents and improves traffic efficiency.

Example use cases from our solutions that apply to your industry:

  • Accident prone area warning

  • Emergency vehicle approaching notification

  • Location-based traffic information

  • Danger ahead warnings

  • Roadwork section notifications

  • Weather information


Have you seen our 5G NR-V2X Test Platform?

Sirius is an all-in-one solution supporting the functional and performance testing of 5G NR sidelink as well as rapid prototyping day-1 and advanced use cases for cooperative-intelligent transport systems (C-ITS). 

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Have you seen our Smartphone V2X Device?

The SVD is a compact V2X module allowing users to receive V2X services in overlay form on their smartphone for a safer, easier, and greener commute.

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