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Product Demos

V2X-AIR Demo at CES 2023

V2X-AIR is a compact and low-cost OBU that connects to smarphones through Bluetooth 5.0 making it perfect for aftermarket use. It is currently available in both DSRC and C-V2X.

ITS World Congress Singapore 2019

Demo of our smartphone-connected V2X device on an electric scooter at the ITS World Congress in Singapore.

C-V2X OBU Live Demonstration

Ettifos R&D Center, South Korea

September, 2019

Smartphone based V2X Network Monitoring

Monitoring DSRC BSM on Ch. 172 with Google Pixel 3. Protocol stacks and service applications are on Pixel. The DSRC modem module is being powered by Pixel's internal battery.

Real-road Demos

Smartphone V2X Device (SVD) Real-road Demo

This video showcases Ettifos' Smartphone V2X Device on a real-road test course in South Korea. The V2X highway safety services seen on the right side of the screen were created for Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC).


August, 2022

VRU Live Demonstration on real roads

California Connected-Vehicle Testbed near Stanford Univ.


January, 2019

VRU Live Demonstration on real roads

C-ITS Testbed routes in Daejeon, South Korea

January, 2019

VRU Live Demonstration on real roads

Hoofddorp, Heeklaan, Helmond, Netherlands

September, 2019

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