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Research & Development


​On a basic level, our products are ideal for test use when developing V2X services due to its flexibility. Additionally, our experience  from participating in real-road deployment projects in South Korea allow us to provide a user-friendly development environment.


Our latest product is SIRIUS, our 5G-V2X Sidelink Platform, that complies to 3GPP Release 16 standards. It allows users to:

  • Devleop their own 5G-V2X applications using APIs provided by SIRIUS

  • Run and verify user applications using the 5G NR sidelink protocol and modem 

  • Analyze and monitor real-time performance of 5G NR sidelink communication using EDM, a diagnostic monitoring SW tool that interworks with SIRIUS


Have you seen our 5G-V2X Sidelink Platform?

SIRIUS is an all-in-one solution supporting the functional and performance testing of 5G-V2X sidelink as well as rapid prototyping

day-1 and advanced use cases for cooperative-intelligent transport systems (C-ITS). 


Developing your own V2X services?

Start developing your own applications using V2X technology with our SDK as a starting point.

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