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Research & Development


​On a basic level, our products are ideal for test use when developing C-ITS services due to its flexbility. We offer Prometheus – our V2X software development kit – that complies to international standards (IEEE 1609.x), and is not only compatible with dedicated short-range communications, but also with cellular network communications. Additionally, we offer OBUs and RSUs available in large and small order quantities alike. Given our solutions are software-based, they can be customized to fit your needs.


Start developing your own applications using V2X technology

with our SDK as a starting point.


Have you seen our 5G NR-V2X Test Platform?

Sirius is an all-in-one solution supporting the functional and performance testing of 5G NR-V2X sidelink as well as rapid prototyping day-1 and advanced use cases for cooperative-intelligent transport systems (C-ITS). 

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