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What is V2X?

It stands for "Vehicle to Everything"

and is a communication system for vehicles that supports the bilateral transfer of information between a vehicle and other road entities.


These entities include infrastructure, other vehicles, and vulnerable road users (VRUs).

Overarching Purpose of V2X

improve road safety_4x.png


Road Safety

reduce environmental damage_4x.png


Environmental Damage

improve traffic efficiency_4x.png


Traffic Efficiency

Cellular V2X (C-V2X) encompasses

two complementary communication modes

Direct/sidelink communication
(PC5 interface)

Network-based communication
(Uu interface)

Vehicle Communication Type

V2V, V2I, V2P


5G NR-V2X (3GPP Release 16)

As C-V2X standards evolve, 3GPP release 16 NR-based sidelink will offer major enhancements.
These enhancements are expected to support advanced V2X use cases such as
level 4+ autonomous driving, platooning, extended sensor sharing, and remote driving.

ultra-low latency_4x.png

Ultra-low Latency

higher throughput_4x.png

Higher Throughput



Mobility Support

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