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MaaS Providers

The objectives of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to optimize connectivity and accessibility for end-users, are well in line with those of V2X. V2X technology will enhance connectivity between vehicles (V2V), infrastructure (V2I) and pedestrians (V2P), making roads safer, traffic efficient and allowing for overall better customer service.

Example use cases from our solutions that apply to your industry:

  • Danger ahead warnings

  • Roadwork section notifications

  • Real-time situational awareness

  • Location-based traffic information

  • Location-based data collection

  • Vehicle or driver’s record analysis provision    

SVD BLE only_2x.png

Have you seen our Smartphone V2X Device?

The SVD is a compact V2X module allowing users to receive V2X services in overlay form on their smartphone for a safer, easier, and greener commute.

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