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Ettifos connects everything in motion

for a SAFER, GREENER, and SMARTER driving experience.

Despite immense technological advances, traffic fatalities are a persistent problem.

In fact, about 94% of all traffic accidents are caused by human error.


At Ettifos, we believe that the key to better road safety, traffic efficiency, lower emissions

and autonomous driving, stems from connecting all road users through V2X technology.

Ettifos provides value

across multiple industries

Research and


Whether your research focuses on telecommunication or V2X, our software-based modem can be adapted to various V2X network setups to support your specific needs and purposes.

Development Kit)
DoT and
Road Operators

Safety and Efficiency.

V2X technology connects all road users to traffic infrastructure in an efficient and reliable manner, constantly supporting the giving and receiving of important road data. This helps reduce road accidents and improve traffic efficiency.

as a Service

Connectivity and Accessibility.

The objective of MaaS is well in line with those of V2X. V2X technology will enhance connectivity between vehicles (V2V) and pedestrians (V2P), making roads safer, traffic efficient and allowing for overall better customer service.

(Smartphone V2X Device)
Start creating for 5G and we’ll provide testing.

SIRIUS is our all-in-one 5G-V2X sidelink platform that allows researchers, developers and companies alike to carry out functional and performance testing, as well as rapid prototyping day-1 and advanced use cases to discover the 5G-V2X sidelink technology’s full potential.


Take a look at what we’re up to and what we’re proud of.
World's First 5G-V2X 3GPP Rel 16 Showcase
For the advancement of cooperative autonomous driving

Ettifos held a 5G-V2X 3GPP Release 16 Showcase to demonstrate two sensor sharing (LiDAR and 4K video) scenarios and a separate peak throughput to display equipment performance. Speakers: Yong Je Lim, CEO Ettifos; Professor Gumin Jeong, Kookmin University; and Maxime Flament, CTO 5G Automotive Association (5GAA). 

Hybrid DSRC/C-V2X RSU installed at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

​Ettifos is a founding member of the Connected Smart Mobility (COSMO) industry consortium. The COSMO program is a national project led by NTU that focuses on the creation of  next-generation V2X architecture and ecosystems for smart mobility applications.




5G-V2X Sidelink Platform

Opportunity to go above and beyond.

5G New Radio (NR) is a global standard created to better support the growth of wireless communication by creating a more capable and stable 5G wireless space for all. Widened coverage, improved power efficiency and increased speed are all benefits to look forward to.


Don’t hold back on creating for 5G-V2X as we can support you on your journey.

Join our team.

We value your opinion.

Ettifos is looking for passionate, curious, and self-accountable individuals.


We want creative problem solvers who do not back down from challenges, but face them straight on
as an opportunity to discover something new and grow instead.


If this sounds like you, explore our job openings and get ready for a transformational journey with us.

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